Genshin Impact 4.0 leaks: New Crystalfly Trap gadget and weekly collection limit details surface

Version 4.0 of Genshin Impact is still a few weeks away, but new leaks suggest at quality-of-life improvements in the game. The developers are expected to release a new Crystalfly-catching device in the forthcoming update, according to the leaks. According to the information available, the name of the rumored device is Crystalfly Trap, and it can be deployed once per week to capture up to 15 Crystalflies.

It appears that this capture device is utilized similarly to the Parametric Transformer. This article provides complete information about the new Crystalfly Trap device for Genshin Impact participants. The information, however, is still founded on leaks and is therefore subject to change.

A new Crystalfly Trap gadget in Genshin Impact version 4.0 leaked

According to @vississ’s leaks, Genshin Impact will presumably release a new device named Crystalfly Trap. This device is designed to capture Crystalflies in the overworld, as its name implies. The Crystalfly Trap appears to capture a maximum of fifteen insects per use.

Using the available information, travelers can set up the Crystalfly Trap and activate it with 30 ores of any type. Once the device is activated, it will lure Crystalflies into itself, and after a set amount of time, users can retrieve the Crystal Cores contained within. According to the leaks, the new rumored device can be inserted almost anywhere.

In addition, once the Crystalfly Trap has been used, it will enter a seven-day dormancy period. It is also important to note that each time a Genshin Impact player wishes to use the device, they must position 30 ores. Similarly, it was previously believed that 300 ores were required to activate the device, but it now appears that this is no longer the case.

Therefore, the Crystalfly Trap can undergo a few more modifications before version 4.0 is released. In addition, if the reports are accurate, it could be good news for many players who have difficulty capturing Crystalflies because they are known to flee when approached.

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