Genshin Impact 4.0 leaks: Two free characters and new weapon rewards in the Fontaine update

New Genshin Impact leaks suggest that the first Fontaine update will grant players two 4-star units for gratis. One of the free characters is rumored to be Lynette, a forthcoming playable character from the Hydro Nation whose release is scheduled for version 4.0. The other free unit is rumored to be Bennett, who will be available in the impending update’s flagship event.

Moreover, according to the leaks, a brand-new 4-star Sword can be obtained by fishing comparable materials to The Catch from Inazuma. It should be noted, however, that Genshin Impact has not yet confirmed any of this, so everything is subject to change until official confirmation is received.

Free Bennett and Lynette in Genshin Impact 4.0, as per leaks

Recent leaks indicate that the main event of the upcoming version 4.0 of Genshin Impact will be named Mechanical Marionette Melee. The preceding Reddit post provides travelers with a prospective event menu for the same. In addition, the leak reveals that players who acquire a certain number of a particular item during the event will receive a free copy of Bennett.

In addition, rumor has it that the game’s developers will distribute a complimentary copy of Lynette with version 4.0. This was affirmed by @Genshin_intel on Twitter, who stated that every player with an Adventure Rank of 25 or higher will receive a free copy of the upcoming 4-star Anemo unit. However, the precise requirements for acquiring Lynette remain uncertain.

New free 4-star weapons in version 4.0 leaked

In version 4.0, Genshin Impact is anticipated to release a new 4-star Sword dubbed Crossing of Fleuve Cendre. Similar to The Catch Polearm from Inazuma, it is hypothesized that it can only be attained through fishing. In the previous post, travelers can also examine the talents of Crossing of Fleuve Cendre.

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