Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks: Hydro Dragon playability, Arlecchino kit , Archon abilities Info

Several leaks of the Genshin Impact Fontaine reveal additional information about the Hydro Dragon and the abilities of the Hydro Archon and Arlecchino. The following has not been confirmed as absolutely accurate. The leaks, however, come from reliable sources. It’s interesting to hear what the latest speculation is about these rumored new characters. The following information is all available via text leaks.

This article will begin with information about the Hydro Dragon, then discuss an ability associated with the Hydro Archon, and finally discuss the kit for Arlecchino. There may be further adjustments to the content discussed here.

Genshin Impact leaks: Info about Fontaine’s Hydro Dragon and abilities for Arlecchino and the new Archon

The first leak about Genshin Impact is that Neuvillette is actually the Hydro Dragon. Besides Neuvillette’s pivotal role in the story, not much has been revealed about Fontaine’s backstory. Whether or not this character’s kit includes items related to his role as the Hydro Dragon is currently unknown.

The world of Genshin Impact is already home to several elemental dragons. Here is a rundown of the ones we do know about for easy reference:

  • Dendro: Apep
  • Geo: Azhdaha and Primo Geovishap
  • Anemo: Stormterror

Players will have to wait for more detailed plot spoilers to learn why the Hydro Dragon would be working with Focalors in Fontaine. It has been revealed that Neuvillette is playable, though there is still some confusion over his weapon. He was previously revealed to be a Claymore user but has since switched to the Catalyst.

Hydro Leaked Archon ability

Hydro Leaked Archon ability
Hydro Leaked Archon ability

According to the above leak by Uncle HA (also known as Uncle Regret in some circles), the Hydro Archon’s Burst can produce a field of some sort. Allies’ HP drop, but they deal more damage thanks to this ability. The Hydro Archon hasn’t been leaked to be playable, so there haven’t been any new developments related to this old leak in months.

The rate at which an ally’s HP is lost was not specified. It’s worth noting that the Hydro Traveler’s equipment leak features a similar mechanic, in which the character can sacrifice HP to increase the damage dealt by the Dewdrops generated by their Elemental Skill.

The Traveler’s element in Genshin Impact is similar to that of the Archon, lending credence to the above leak.

Arlecchino Leaked ability

Arlecchino Leaked ability
Arlecchino Leaked ability

Arlecchino’s use of a Pyro Sword is hinted at in recent leaks from Genshin Impact. According to Uncle YC, she supposedly has the ability to manipulate puppets. The plan’s specifics have not yet been disclosed. It is unclear if she can only mind control a single foe, or if she can control a group of enemies as well.

Similarly, no details about the bounds of this power were disclosed. It’s a very ambiguous text leak. However, it is the most data about Arlecchino that has been made public so far.

She is mentioned as a potential support option for Lyney teams in the above leaked text, though it is unclear in what capacity she provides support for Lyney. Despite their apparent closeness in the main plot, Lyney apparently despises Arlecchino in one unfinished story. In yet another theory, he plays a subservient role to the Fatui Harbinger.

Genshin Impact leakers aren’t always great theorycrafters, so more information will be released as to whether or not Arlecchino and Lyney are compatible on specific teams.

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