Genshin Impact Fontaine underwater leaks describe diving mechanics and stamina consumption details

Among the most admirable aspects of Genshin Impact is the effort that HoYoverse places into designing each game region. The aesthetics and mechanics of the various nations are remarkably distinct, and it appears that Fontaine is no exception. Given that Focalors, the Hydro Archon, rules Fontaine, many players anticipated that exploration in the region would involve water in some way.

When rumors circulated that Fontaine would enable players to dive underwater and investigate the region’s submerged areas and underwater caves, fans were very excited about this new feature.

Many have pondered how it will be implemented and how it will affect the existing stamina mechanics of Genshin Impact, despite the community’s enthusiasm.

Genshin Impact: Underwater exploration and diving in Fontaine

According to gameplay leaks, Genshin Impact’s underwater exploration appears fluid and visually spectacular. It is anticipated that scuba diving will be required to explore Fontaine. Underwater, players will encounter containers, challenges, and even domains.

Is there any stamina limit for diving underwater in Fontaine?

According to leaks, there is anticipated to be an endurance limit for diving in Fontaine. In contrast to the standard stamina gauge seen in-game, the underwater stamina bar will be blue. This bar’s depletion will not submerge you, but it will slow you down. The consumption of stamina will allow players to dash or swim quicker underwater. According to the sources, travelers will also receive a device in Fontaine that will prevent them from running out of oxygen while diving.

Is it possible to dive using all characters?

All characters in the game are expected to be able to dive, but certain characters may be more advantageous than others.

For instance, the traveler and characters based on Fontaine can expend stamina to perform a dolphin-like dash for rapid movement. Freminet is anticipated, like Amber’s passive, to reduce stamina consumption by 35% while diving.

What are Ocean Currents in Fontaine?

It is rumored that, similar to the wind currents in Mondstadt, Fontaine will introduce Ocean Currents to Genshin Impact. These undersea currents, denoted by subterranean circles that float, will increase the exploration and mobility of characters.

Is diving limited to Fontaine?

As of this writing, it is anticipated that diving will be restricted to the Fontaine region only. There are no leaks indicating that diving spots will be added to the extant nations of Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, or Sumarus.

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