Genshin Impact Fontaine underwater leaks: Gameplay and exploration details

The majority of the Fontaine expansion in Genshin Impact will be subterranean. In the upcoming open world, players will have a variety of options, including large underground domains and an entire explorable underwater region. However, before HoYoverse officially implements the various aspects of underwater exploration, a number of leaks illustrate these elements.

Notably, the official Special Program for 3.8 also revealed a substantial amount of footage involving underwater terrains. In the domains of Fontaine, capturing creatures, solving puzzles, and discovering treasures will be a small part of a player’s daily routine.

All leaked gameplay and details on underwater domains in Genshin Impact

As previously stated, the Fontaine aquatic habitats will comprise nearly half of the upcoming content in version 4.0. According to the leaks, nearly ten out of fifteen waypoints are buried, demonstrating how expansive each terrain can be. The official footage featured in the v3.8 Special Program is displayed below.

They provide similar footage to that shown in the Special Program, based on a few leaks. A unique ability tied to the Hydro character’s skill transforms into a device for capturing aquatic creatures. The leaks refer to this specific capturing ability as “seal skill,” which is described in the post below.

Attacking underwater + Seal skill
by u/vivliz in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Other leaks reveal the swimming animations of multiple game characters. Moreover, the community now has access to the eagerly anticipated underwater animations of Kokomi and other characters.

Kokomi diving into + resurfacing from water
by u/vivliz in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Dimbreath, a reputed Genshin Impact leaker, also revealed an exploration mechanic that appears to be tied to underwater terrains. The following was stated by Dimbreath in one of their tweets:

“There are rings that allow you to move more quickly underwater (similar to the overworld puzzles), and certain fish that heal you when you dash through them.””From what I could see of the underwater regions, they also include the new feature of multilayered maps.”

Last but not least, players will encounter numerous channels and caves that can lead them to distinct locations beneath the surface. Each area of Fontaine appears to be interconnected, and some of the leaks below contain videos of additional underwater gameplay extracted from game data.

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