Golaghat viral video 2023 Twitter link , whats happened to video

The incident drew the attention of the media, which flocked to the village where the young girl resided.

Harshita Bora is a girl from Upper Assam’s Golaghat district.

In the video, she is seen drinking and playing with the elephant’s milk. The elephant acknowledged the existence of the young girl and demonstrated its maternal nature to her.

Later, Harshita was seen carrying the massive aircraft by herself. She chose the name “Binu” for the elephant.
As human-elephant conflicts continue to be reported throughout Assam, this video has caused quite a stir in the human community.

Atul Bola, the Minister of Agriculture for the state of Assam, danced to traditional music with performers at the Ali Eligan Festival in Goraghat, Assam, on February 15. The minister went out of his way to dance with the youth and residents of Boccahart. Assam and other northeastern states celebrate Ali-Ai-Ligang in the spring. The Agricultural Day signifies the start of planting.

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