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With 10 races remaining in the 23-race Craftsman Truck Series, there is ample time to establish a new narrative and turn things around. However, at the midpoint of her third full-time season in the Truck Series, Haley Deegan’s performance has not improved. Given the amount of interest in the young Californian, who will turn 22 in July, and the amount of money Ford Racing has invested in the young Californian, this is a genuine shame.

Last weekend at Nashville Superspeedway, Deegan lost control of her No. 13 Ford pickup in the early laps and subsequently withdrew from the race, adding to a pair of rough and subpar races this season. Regarding Lawless Allen’s unflattering remarks. Deegan’s truck was sufficiently intact for her to complete the race, finishing 28th out of 36 starters four circuits behind.

However, the same cannot be said for another young California racer, Lawless Alan, whose stylish name is far more well-known than his results. Allen finished last after Deegan’s spin on lap 7 struck him down.

Alan was in the lead while Deegan fought his way into Turn 4 and took advantage of the descent. She appeared to press the flat apron beneath the ring, causing the rear of her truck to detach and launch her into Allen’s No. 45 Chevrolet. Deegan apologized over the team radio for her truck being loose, saying, “I’m apologetic. I was set free within.”

Allen, a third-year Truck Series driver, had to go to the infield care center and then calmly but fairly bluntly describe his feelings regarding the accident and his colleagues. Allen told Frontstretch.com, “She lacked any talent and simply set out to destroy me.” “This is not her first time ruining me. She is doing this to irritate everyone.”

This season should be more successful for Deegan, as he transfers to ThorSport Racing, a premier Truck Series team with four championships. But she has just one top-10 finish, and her average starting position (18.1) and finishing position (21.5) are about the same as the past two seasons at David Gilliland Racing.

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