Is it worthwhile to draw Blade in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail’s newest 5-star Wind character, Blade, hails from the Path of Destruction. He is a highly anticipated unit, but supporters are undecided as to whether to pull him or not in this game.

One of the most eagerly awaited Honkai Star Rail units is the Blade. Blade has been around for some time thanks to leaks and beta demonstrations, so players have been waiting for him even before the game’s release.

However, the time has come for Blade to finally make his public debut. Players are debating whether Blade is worthwhile since Kafka won’t be available until version 1.2’s second half.

Hopefully, this essay may allay some of your concerns about the worth of Blade in Honkai Star Rail.

Is it worthwhile to draw Blade in Honkai Star Rail?

Essentially, Blade is the Hu Tao of the Honkai Star Rail. The more harm he causes, the worse off his health is. Another unique aspect of his talent is that the more damage he sustains, the more stacks he will accrue.

When he has the maximum number of stacks, he will deal AoE damage and also regain some health. He will therefore keep doing damage by depleting his health and then recuperating once more unless an attacker manages to hit him with a single shot.


It’s never a good idea to keep a character’s health low, though. At some point, Blade will require healing from someone to make sure he isn’t the main target and isn’t knocked out during a fight. Here Luocha enters the picture.

Even if Natasha and Bailu can get along, Luocha will work with Blade the best. When Blade’s health drops down below critical, Luocha’s passive will activate and heal the former.

Luocha will start the healing field after performing this action twice. Every time Blade strikes an opponent in this field, he can heal himself again. Blade won’t be in danger of taking a single shot from an enemy as a result.

The absence of an HP buffer in the game is the only drawback of supporting Blade. Blade’s full damage potential will not yet be unlocked because his damage scales off of his HP.

However, there is no need to be concerned because Blade will still inflict a lot of damage even in the absence of an HP buffer. Blade is unquestionably a safe pull because characters like Bronya and Yukong may assist in dealing a lot of damage in any case.

Aside from that, Blade is a character you absolutely must have if you’re looking for a DPS to play on your second squad.

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