IShowSpeed’s performance at Rolling Loud stuns the audience

ishowspeed rolling loud world cup
ishowspeed rolling loud world cup

IShowSpeed stunned the audience at the Rolling Loud music festival in Portugal after meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

IShowSpeed is one of the most popular online broadcasters. Following his ban from Twitch in 2021, Speed has amassed 18 million subscribers on YouTube, where he regularly broadcasts to tens of thousands of viewers.

In 2022, Speed’s flamboyant online presence made him one of the most popular YouTube streamers, where he dominated alongside Dr. Disrespect.

In 2023, his career is getting even larger and better. This year, he and Twitch celebrity Kai Cenat signed a contract with Rumble, securing their own live-streamed program on the platform titled the ‘Kai ‘N Speed program.

Speed also made sure to live stream his time at Rolling Loud on YouTube, which fans can watch as a 32-minute VOD.


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