island boys onlyf leaked video, images went viral on reddit and twitter

Two twin boys known as “The Island Boys” are perhaps the most contentious individuals to emerge from TikTok.

Franky and Alex Venegas, 20-year-olds with multiple tattoos, different haircuts, diamond teeth, and songs about being a “island boy,” rapidly went popular as “Kodiyakredd” and “Flyysoulja,” respectively.

They now have over 6.5 million TikTok followers and have feuded with social media’s original contentious twins, Jake and Logan Paul, TikTok star Bryce Hall, and even Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, who insulted them on their comedy special “2021 and Done.”

In February, the brothers made headlines when a boyhood buddy was detained in connection with a murder after a police raid on their house. (According to local news site WPBF 25, the brothers are not involved in the case.) Most recently, the brothers have come under assault from their former rep, who claimed in a podcast broadcast in June that the brothers were struggling financially and owed him $150,000.

So, who exactly are the Island Boys? In an interview with Adam Grandmaison on the “No Jumper” podcast, the brothers revealed that they were raised by a single mother after their father died.

According to Franky, they had run-ins with the law as kids, involving “burglaries, robberies, and stolen cars.” The twins claimed they were in jail as youths, which is when they considered a future in rap.

“When I was locked up, there were a lot of people trying to be rappers, so I was like, fuck it, I’m going to dive into the game,” Alex explained. “The only thing that’s good for me is robbing, which is not good, or rapping.”

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