‘isro’ will launch Chandrayaan-3, Indians third moon mission

Chandrayaan-3 launching at 2:35pm ‘IST’ Indian standard time on July 14,‘ISRO’- Indian space Research  Organization from Satish Dhawan  space Center, Sriharikota.

‘isro’ will launch Chandrayaan-3, Indians third moon mission

Chandrayaaan-2 was launched in July 2019 in the farm of a lander ( VIKRAM ) and orbiter carrying o rover ( PRAGYAN ). As the orbiter entered enter around the moon the surface mission failed in September when the lander crashed instead slowly descending. ISRO later identify some problems on guidance software and an unexpected spread in the propulsion system during certain stages of descent.

To improve the chances of success in this phase, ISRO has strengthened the lander’s legs, reduced its minimum thrust, improved power availability and upgraded the landing sequence.

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