Jennalynnmeowri meowri onlyf leaked on twitter videos and photos

JennaLynnMeowri, a content creator, was briefly banned from Twitch after going live in a bunny costume just after the Easter holiday.

Meowri, a content creator, has earned her first Twitch ban after several years of live streaming on the Amazon-backed network. The popular avatar was swiftly banned from the streaming platform after enticing followers on social media with a “Playboy Bunny Cocktail Stream” in a bunny suit.

“Banned for wearing a bunny suit,” Meowri wrote on Twitter shortly after being barred. It was planned to challenge the punishment right away, and a subsequent investigation uncovered more information concerning the ban itself. Due to the 24-hour prohibition, her account will be reinstated on April 11.

Twitch deemed the rabbit costume to be “inappropriate clothing” for live streaming, rendering the platform’s rules of service null and void. Many people flocked to Twitter to debate the contentious topic in their comments.

“Others, on the other hand, live in bunny suits,” content colleague Su Su added. In response, Meowri stated that some particularly irate viewers may have compelled Twitch to take the initial action against her account. “I wouldn’t be surprised if someone blocked the reporting feature,” she speculated.

Others, however, have shared similar stories, with one internet personality, Holly Wolf, claiming that she was banned from Twitch for the same reason. Instead of live-streaming in a rabbit costume, she said she was barred from wearing merely the bunny costume on her profile photo. “It’s because of those damn exposed buttocks.”

The ban is still in effect as of this writing, as Meowri’s Twitch account is now banned on the platform. However, if the appeal is successful and filed in a timely manner, it is likely that it will be reinstated soon. Beginning April 11, content providers will be able to return to Twitch.

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