Jill Atewart dead, Meditation & Health Instructor and wife of businessman death today

Jill Stewart, fitness teacher and businessman Adam Stewart’s wife, passed away. Her cancer was discovered a little more than a year ago. “It is almost unimaginable that it has come to this,” her husband said on social media after she died. #GLNRToday

Jill Stewart joins Pfluger Architects in Austin as a Senior Project Manager. She provides a wealth of expertise as well as outstanding leadership, communication, and teamwork abilities to our team.

Jill graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design and from Arizona State University with a Master of Architecture. She then became a project manager for both the architect and the owner of the project. Her experience taught her the importance of assembling a team and provided her with the tools to do so.

Jill’s interests outside of work include soccer and motocross, sewing and window dressing, and enjoying the great outdoors through off-roading and hiking. Her love of adventure complements Pfluger’s goal of inspiring people to create more meaningful human encounters. Jill believes that asking “why” all the time is the key to uncovering what is actually meaningful to her.

“The Austin team values Jill’s experience, dedication, and enthusiasm,” stated Jessica Molter, executive director of the Pfluger office in Austin. “Her new ideas and focus on creating meaningful experiences will strengthen our client relationships and project outcomes.” We are thrilled to have Jill on board and eagerly await her constructive contributions.”

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