Jingliu Build reddit, Honkai: Star Rail Ice former Sword Champion

Meet Jingliu, a former Luofu swordsman who once mentored Jingyuan but fell into madness due to Mara’s influence. As a Path of Destruction subscriber, Jingliu excels at taking down single targets. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this character, including the best builds for Stillstream.

Should Kyoryu roll dice or draw cards?

Jingliu is a formidable DPS character who synergizes well with teammates boasting high HP attributes and strong healing or defensive capabilities. If you’re in need of a devastating ice damage dealer and already have someone like Fu Xuan on your team, Jingliu is an excellent choice.

Character Overview

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of Jingliu, encompassing all her abilities, skills, talents, techniques, and eidolons.

Name: Jingliu
Path Type: Destruction
Element: Ice


  1. Shining Moonlight (Normal Attack): Deals ice damage equal to 50% of static flow attack power to a single enemy.
  2. Beyond (Ability – Single Target): Inflicts ice damage equal to 100% of static attack power to a single enemy and applies 1 layer of the stun effect.
  3. Ice Moon (Skill – Explosion): Causes freezing damage equal to 125% of semen attack power to a single enemy and applies freezing damage equal to 62% of semen attack power to surrounding enemies. This skill consumes 1 stack of Syzygy without consuming skill points.
  4. Florephemeral Dreamflux (Ultimate Edition): Inflicts freezing damage equal to 180% of static flow attack power to a single enemy and applies freezing damage equal to 90% of static flow attack power to all surrounding enemies. Jingliu gains 1 stack of Syzygy after using this skill.


  • New Moon Reincarnation: With 2 layers of telepathy, Jingliu enters a state of spiritual light travel, gaining 100% enhanced mobility and a 40% increased critical hit rate. She can use the skill “Ice Moon” during this state. When Mirror Flow attacks during ghost-traveling, it consumes 4% of maximum health from other allies (health will not drop below 1). This increases Jingliu’s attack power to 540% of the total life consumed by allies, up to 90% of the basic attack power until the end of this attack. Syzygy can stack up to 3 times, and when the triple superposition reaches 0, Jingliu exits the spectral reincarnation state.


  • The Glory of Truth: After using this skill, a space forms around the static flow for 20 seconds, freezing all enemies within. When fighting an enemy in the dimension, Jingliu instantly regains 15 energy points and gains 1 stack of Syzygy, with a 100% chance of freezing the enemy target for 1 turn. Frozen enemies cannot move and receive 80% additional damage from Static Flow’s attacks at the start of each round. Only one ally-created dimension can exist at a time.


  • Death Realm: In the spectral crossing state, the effect RES increases by 35%.
  • Juggernaut: After using super flash, the next action increases by 10%.
  • Frost Spirit: Ultimate damage increases by 20% in the ghost-traveling state.


  • The Moon Breaks Through the Sky and Closes the Door: Using ultimate or enhanced skills increases critical damage by 24% for 1 round. If attacking only one enemy target, damage originally directed to adjacent targets will also apply to the current target, causing freeze damage equal to 100% of the damage dealt to adjacent targets.
  • Moon Shadow and Seven Stars: After using the ultimate skill, the damage of the next upgraded skill increases by 80%.
  • The Half-Moon Opens with Mercury Mist: Ultimate Lv. +2 (up to Lv. 15), Talent Lv. +2 (up to Lv. 15). In the state of ghost travel, the attack power gained by consuming allies’ life increases by an additional 90% of the total life consumed by the team. The upper limit of attack power increased in this way is raised by 30%.
  • Solanum Astral Radiation: Skill Lv. +2 (up to Lv. 15), Basic attack power Lv. +1 (up to Lv. 10).
  • Eclipse Hollows Shell: When Jingliu enters the ghost crossing state, she gains 1 layer of dizziness, and her critical hit damage increases by 50% while in the ghost-travel state.

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