Jonathan Lewis las vegas video leaked, Teen beaten near high school has died

A Las Vegas teenager, Jonathan Lewis Jr., who was attacked by a group of around 15 individuals near Rancho High School last week, passed away on Tuesday, according to his father, Jonathan Lewis Sr. The 17-year-old had been undergoing treatment for severe injuries sustained during the altercation at University Medical Center.

Jonathan Lewis Sr. revealed that the incident unfolded when his son intervened to protect a smaller friend, triggering an assault by multiple individuals. Despite the initial resistance, the attackers eventually overwhelmed and assaulted him. The teenager was discovered with head injuries on Nov. 1, in the vicinity of Searles Avenue and North 21st Street, near Rancho High.

The Metropolitan Police Department reported that the teen had engaged in a confrontation with approximately 15 people and was rushed to UMC in critical condition. Lewis Jr.’s father refrained from commenting on the ongoing police investigation into the incident and mentioned that the family had not yet finalized funeral arrangements.

In an email, Lewis described his son as a “compassionate, generous, kind, and resilient young man who valued community and helping others.” He conveyed that the tragedy underscored the divisive and indifferent nature of society, emphasizing the urgent need for empathy and love over violence.

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