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When Zach tried to talk again later, he said, ‘I want you to tell me everything,’ to which Molly answered, ‘I literally just did but you laughed, which is just not nice, it’s disrespectful.”Apologies for laughing, I’m not laughing at you,’ Zachariah responded. I’m just laughing when I’m uncomfortable, not at you.’

‘Yeah, that’s pretty horrible,’ Molly responded.’In the real world, I wouldn’t have to make a mistake since there is no Kady,’ Zach insisted. I took the game far too seriously.”If I played literal, there is nobody I want to snog,’ Molly stated severely. Because you took it literally, you want to snog someone… ‘What exactly do you mean by literal?’

‘It was snog, marry, and pie,’ Zach argued.”Oh, who do I want to snog?” Molly replied. Ahh… If you want to continue something, tell me about it, and don’t tell me it was simply…”Molly, I definitely handled the scenario incorrectly,’ Zach interjected. You are the only one I desire. I’m not interested in anyone else here.’

‘It’s just the movement of you kissing Kady in front of me,’ Molly answered, disappointed. I expected you to think about my sentiments a lot more at this point than you did today.Despite Zach’s assertion that he had been’stressing since the challenge,’ Molly claimed, ‘You didn’t look that stressed to me because as soon as she kissed you, you stayed there and you enjoyed it.’

‘Was there not a question of just kissing anyone else?’ she said, her eyes welling up.Molly became frustrated as she echoed Zach’s statements in relation to Kady during the challenge: ‘Oh, I truly cherished the kisses we had together when we were in a couple.”Out of everyone there, there is no one I would like to kiss,’ she concluded. That is the distinction.’

‘In what universe are we going to be in a scenario like that on the outside?’ Zach inquired, to which she replied, ‘I might not be in a scenario,’ before walking away.As part of the challenge, Zach chose to kiss Kady and marry Molly earlier in the day, with Kady returning Zach’s kiss when it was her chance to choose.Unable to believe her sight, a horrified Molly gasped: ‘He’s smiling, he’s delighted… he’s practically trying to hide behind Scott’s chuckle. He’s still beaming! He’s still cracking up!’

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