Keke palmer security video leaked, Accuses Ex Darius Jackson of Domestic Violence

Keke Palmer has initiated legal proceedings by submitting a formal request for exclusive guardianship of her 8-month-old son, Leodis, whom she shares with Darius Jackson. The 30-year-old actress contends that Jackson, the progenitor of the child, has engaged in physical aggression on multiple occasions.

In a plea for a domestic violence restraining order filed in Los Angeles, Palmer delineates a recent episode where Jackson purportedly trespassed into her domicile, issued threats, and physically assaulted her. The actress, known for her role in the film “Nope,” appends screen captures ostensibly depicting surveillance footage portraying a male striking a female over a couch.

Palmer asserts that this incident is not an isolated occurrence, alleging that Jackson has subjected her to abuse on numerous occasions spanning a two-year duration. According to the legal submission, another incident was documented by home security footage on February 13, 2022, wherein Jackson allegedly forcefully slammed Palmer onto the stairs by her neck.

The legal documentation delineates a consistent pattern of physical aggression, including instances of Jackson striking and grasping Palmer around the neck, vandalizing personal belongings, hurling possessions onto the thoroughfare, impeding her ability to depart, and issuing threats. Palmer also alleges instances of emotional abuse, persistent harassment, and the use of profanity in the presence of their offspring.

The most recent altercation unfolded when Jackson visited Palmer’s residence to escort Leodis to a football match, although the child was not in attendance. Following a verbal dispute, Jackson purportedly assaulted Palmer, absconded with her phone, and hastily departed the residence. Palmer asserts that the entire incident was captured by her home security surveillance system.

In response to Jackson’s counterclaims, Palmer avers that on or about April 21, 2022, they dined at a restaurant in Santa Barbara, where Jackson, becoming agitated, accused her of engaging in flirtatious behavior with another woman, precipitating an untimely exit from the establishment.

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