Kevin Leonardo’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? Relationship History And Timeline

People on social media are currently suspicious about Kevin Leonardo’s girlfriend, dating status, and relationship status. You are required to read the article for comprehensive news information. Follow us around for the latest insights and news. Kevin is currently in the spotlight due to his recent hair removal video, and people want to learn more about the Indonesian YouTuber who has attracted attention with his cosmetics tutorials and online beauty content.

Kevin Leonardo nair tutorial video
Kevin Leonardo Nair tutorial video

His videos on cosmetic life hacks and makeup tutorials are reasonably interconnected. Leonardo’s graduation from Harapan University is well known. The YouTuber graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies in 2021. His content is enjoyed by a large audience due to his charismatic personality. His YouTube channel has more than 66,500,000 subscribers. Kevin’s TikTok profile has 344,000 followers and 9.2 million likes. Additionally, he has gained 5.8 thousand Instagram followers.

Who Is Kevin Leonardo’s Girlfriend?

Here is a timeline of Kevin Leonardo‘s relationships with his girlfriend: Currently, Kevin is dating his girlfriend, Shannon Tam. On social media, however, very little information about his girlfriend is available. The couple began dating as teenagers and have been together for over 15 years. Therefore, it is safe to say that Shannon has been Kevin’s one and only true love throughout his entire life. The girlfriend of the YouTuber has successfully kept her personal life out of the public eye, as there is little information about her available for public disclosure. The professional life of his girlfriend is also unknown at this time. However, she strongly supports the YouTuber in all circumstances.

She has an Instagram account with the handle Shannon Tam, but her account is private. We cannot disclose much information about her personal life or social media accounts at this time. Kevin Leonardo was born in Padang, Indonesia, on October 26, 1990, to Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo. The majority of his childhood was spent there with his parents.

Unfortunately, Kevin’s father passed away at the age of 36 from natural causes. When his father passed away, the YouTuber was only four years old. Therefore, Leonardo has lived with a single mother since he was four years old. Consequently, the YouTuber has a loving relationship with his mother, Vera Leonardo, and her professional life is unknown. On the occasion of her birthday, he recently shared a photo with her mother via his Instagram. In addition, Kevin’s adopted sister, Olivia W. Koyama, was her childhood companion.

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