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Laura Isabel León is a young entrepreneur from Colombia, and her greatest passion is to be able to help more people, as she believes that “when your financial situation is blessed, it is not to improve your own quality of life so much as it is to improve the quality of life of others.” Through his social networks, he will work to promote entrepreneurial projects not only in his native country, but throughout Latin America as well.

Due to family issues, Laura was forced to leave her home at a young age, which forced her to confront a world with few opportunities. With just 14 years old, she began her working life as a waitress in a pub, a circumstance that helped her mature and learn to face life’s challenges.

Later on, he begins the process of relocating. The city of Miami, Florida, has become the optimal location for professional and personal development. “Changes are always for the better, but this one was quite abrupt.” Transition from a domestic to a solitary environment. I felt assuaged.

Fear was dormant in a country that was completely foreign to me, despite the fact that I was preoccupied with numerous thoughts. Even so, she set out on the path and was willing to work in order to later study Flemotomia and prove to herself that she was capable of achieving anything she desired.

The need to express himself and be heard prompted his exploration of social media networks. “I had so much to say that I eventually decided to use my free time to create TikTok videos, which I then began uploading to Instagram, and voilà, they went viral. In less than three months, he had amassed more than 800,000 followers,” he announced.

Pero las plataformas son sólo el punto de partida de su real proyección social, ya que a través de ellas impulsa el sueo de otros. “I decided to start a type of social network for my followers, my family, and my friends. Invested in the concepts of a few entrepreneurs. They are under no obligation to return anything in exchange. The only stipulation is that when the business begins to operate and the investors receive their share of the profits, after recouping their initial investment, they may use 10% of the profits to help other families and individuals.

Under this concept, Laura has been able to establish two businesses: Oceans by Laura León, which began with her family as inspiration and aims to provide employment to single mothers dedicated to the jewelry industry, and LK diamonds. Two projects that keep it focused on its growth and expansion in Latin America.

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