Leaked Genshin Impact Characters and Future Fontaine Updates

As avid Genshin Impact enthusiasts, we understand the excitement that comes with discovering new leaks and updates about the game’s characters and regions. In this article, we will delve into the latest leaks shared by the reputable Genshin Impact leaker, @keikakutori, focusing on the upcoming Fontaine updates and the intriguing details surrounding the new characters, Chiori, Navia, and Clorinde. We’ll also explore the possibility of two 5-star characters moving to the permanent gacha, with Wriothesley potentially being the first addition from the Fontaine region. Additionally, we’ll discuss the absence of a 5-star character from the Inazuma region in the Standard Banner.

Chiori: From 5-Star to 4-Star Playable Unit

One of the most exciting pieces of information in the recent leaks pertains to Chiori, a character who was previously rumored to be a 5-star unit. According to the latest information from @keikakutori, Chiori’s status has now been downgraded to that of a 4-star playable unit. While the reasons for this change remain undisclosed, fans of Genshin Impact are eagerly awaiting more details about Chiori’s abilities, element, weapon, and her exact release date. With this change in rarity, players will have more opportunities to obtain Chiori and incorporate her into their teams.

Navia and Clorinde: New 5-Star Characters with Geo and Electro Visions

The Fontaine updates promise the introduction of two new 5-star characters, Navia and Clorinde, who possess the Geo and Electro visions, respectively. Players have been speculating about the unique combat abilities and elemental skills of these characters, as each vision offers diverse and powerful capabilities. As we await further leaks and official announcements, the anticipation for Navia and Clorinde’s arrival in Teyvat continues to build.

Standard Banner Additions and the Permanent Gacha

Another intriguing revelation from the recent leaks involves the possibility of characters from the Fontaine region being added to the Standard Banner. While the specific details remain unclear, the prospect of summoning these new characters through the Standard Banner is an exciting development for players seeking to expand their character roster.

Moreover, Genshin Impact’s plan to move two 5-star characters from each nation to the permanent gacha is generating significant interest within the community. The first character rumored to make this transition is Wriothesley from the Fontaine region. If this information proves accurate, players will have a permanent opportunity to obtain Wriothesley, eliminating the limitations of time-limited banners.

Inazuma’s Exclusion from the Standard Banner

It’s worth noting that, as of the latest leaks, the Inazuma region remains the only nation without a 5-star character featured in the Standard Banner. This has sparked discussions and theories among players, who are curious about the reasons behind this exclusion and the potential future 5-star characters from Inazuma.

The absence of an Inazuma 5-star character in the Standard Banner suggests that miHoYo may have other plans in store for the Electro vision holders in the future. As Inazuma is yet to be fully unveiled, players can expect more surprises and revelations related to this electrifying region.


In conclusion, the leaked information from @keikakutori has ignited excitement and speculation within the Genshin Impact community. The news of Chiori’s change in rarity, the introduction of Navia and Clorinde as new 5-star characters, and the possibility of Wriothesley joining the permanent gacha all promise an exhilarating future for Genshin Impact players.

As we eagerly await official announcements and more in-depth details from miHoYo, the Genshin Impact community remains enthusiastic about the game’s continuous growth and evolution. Keep an eye out for further updates, as the Fontaine region holds many secrets waiting to be uncovered.

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