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Tech occupations have long been among the highest-paying fields, but some organizations really pay top dollar for their engineers.

According to leaked internal Google statistics examined by Business Insider, the median total salary for Google employees in 2022 will be $279,802. Last year, software engineers topped the pack with a maximum base salary of $718,000 among Google’s highest-paying occupations.

The information originates from a confidential spreadsheet shared among Google employees, and it includes information from over 12,000 US workers for 2022, including software engineers, business analysts, and salespeople. While software engineers had the greatest base income, maximum equity, and incentives, all of the top ten highest-paying engineering, business, and sales roles had maximum base salaries well into six figures.

According to the research, Google employees’ wages include equity options and bonuses in addition to base salaries. In 2022, the most equity a software developer could obtain was $1.5 million.

In terms of how Google’s 2022 salary compares to other tech behemoths, the median base pay behind Meta ($296,320) but is significantly more than Salesforce ($199,130) and Adobe ($170,679), according to MyLogIQ data evaluated by The Wall Street Journal.

According to Insider, the top ten highest base salaries at Google across all industries are as follows. The data is restricted to full-time employees in the United States and excludes pay from Alphabet’s Other Bets businesses, such as Waymo and Verily. Furthermore, not all employees disclosed their stock and bonus information.

Top 10 Highest Base Salaries at Google in 2022:

1. Software engineer: $718,000

2. Engineering manager (software engineering): $400,000

3. Enterprise direct sales: $377,000

4. Legal corporate counsel: $320,000

5. Sales strategy: $320,000

6. UX design: $315,000

7. Government affairs & public policy: $312,000

8. Research scientist: $309,000

9. Cloud sales: $302,000

10. Program manager: $300,000


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