Lewiston Maine shooting today, Active shooter news now multiple injuries reported

A state of distress grips Lewiston, Maine, as reports flood in regarding a harrowing incident unfolding at a local restaurant and entertainment venue. An armed suspect wielding a long rifle remains at large, sending shockwaves through the community.

Disturbing reports have emerged of gunfire echoing through two distinct locales in Lewiston: the Spare Time Bowling Alley and Schmenengees Bar. Although the precise count of casualties remains shrouded in uncertainty, local authorities monitoring the situation through their scanners have suggested the possibility of as many as twenty-four victims.

In the midst of this chaos, authorities have successfully identified the individual who had made threats against Lewiston High School. The swift and coordinated response from law enforcement has given the community a semblance of relief. In the wake of a concerning screenshot circulating on social media, local school officials have now confirmed that the situation has been effectively “resolved.”

Despite the alarming circumstances, Lewiston Schools Superintendent, Jake Langlais, has made it clear that there are no immediate plans to cancel or postpone school activities. Officials assert their belief that there is no ongoing threat to the safety of the community.

Meanwhile, the Maine State Police have been called in to assist Lewiston’s police force in a somber investigation. This pertains to the tragic death of a toddler. As per standard protocol, the Maine State Police provide their support in investigations of child fatalities in Maine, with the exception of those occurring in Portland or Bangor. In parallel, the local police department in Lewiston has initiated a separate inquiry into the distressing incident.

The gravity of the situation cannot be understated, as authorities work diligently to bring clarity to these deeply unsettling events in Lewiston, Maine.

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