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This month, he stated that Lilith Verstringe led the new We Can secretariat to a reception committee for Secretary-General and Minister of Social Affairs Ione Belarra, and confirmed the organization’s official establishment.

We believe that the triple ejection number and cargo of Canadian Alberto Rodrguez Alberto Rodrguez has announced that he will not be in the city to report to his superiors on the new direction of the party. A successor was registered at Belarrra last week. Pablo Iglesias validated this claim. ngel Expósito, the director of “La Linterna,” said in a statement that in his statement “in a park in Alcorcon,” he referred to a “viral video” of the organization’s new secretariat.

ngel Exposito concludes daily at La Linterna between 7 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. In the past four hours, the broadcaster’s media has emphasized that the event is over, explained what transpired, and provided the key to understanding. La Linterna is a compilation of facts, analyses, and opinions.

We waited a while before explaining to the lad what had occurred and why. For this reason, I paid close attention to the economy a year ago. Every evening at 9:30 p.m., the economy focuses on our offspring. In Expósito, Pilar Garca de la Granja, Ana Samboal, and Yolanda Gómez clarify that they Being in a situation is as precarious as our current circumstance. In addition, we explain how they influence large and minor economic decisions. Prof. Fernando Fernández from IE Business School and Prof. Mara Jess Pérez from ABC’s Jefa de Economa are in contact with me.

Subsequent analysis and opinion disclosed that La Linterna possessed a considerable amount of pesos. Sonsoles nega, Carmen Guaita, Mayte Alcaraz, Mara Jess Caizares, and Mari Pau Domnguez will perform on the regular stage of the Femenino Singular in the coming weeks. Antonio Arraez, Alejandro Requeijo, and Pilar Garca de la Granja pursued political and economic information from Foucault.

David Alandete, who is affiliated with the enterprises of Jorge Bustos, Ignacio Camacho, Carmelo Encinas, Mayte Alcaraz, Antonio Arraez, Mari Pau Domnguez, José Mara Olmo, Fernando Jáuregui, and Nicolás Redondo, is a member of Al Tiempo de Análisis. Recently, Julio César Herrero contemplated replanting his book.

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