Live cricket action from the Asia Cup Super 4 between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

4 minutes (09:32 GMT)
Observation from the stadium: Rain returns; toss is postponed
The rain has suddenly returned, along with the blankets.

The toss has been postponed as players are back in the locker rooms.

Asad Hafsa

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9:29 GMT 7 minutes ago

From the stands, what can we see but more stop-start cricket?

There is currently a lot of activity going on.

Match officials are checking the quality of the pitch while ground crew removes the covers, and players from both teams are being warmed up.

Threatening clouds are still circling the stadium, but we might soon have the toss.

Another stop-start day of cricket might occur.

Cricket match in the Asia Cup Super 4 between Pakistan and Sri Lanka

R Premadasa Stadium is in the midst of preparations [Hafsa Adil/Al Jazeera]

Asad Hafsa

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09:20 GMT 16 minutes ago

Fans of Sri Lanka place their hopes in Wellalage, as seen from the stadium

Cricket match in the Asia Cup Super 4 between Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Nirdosha Abayagunaratne (right) and Lihimi Amarasinghe (left) By Hafsa Adil for Al Jazeera

Lihimi Amarasinghe and Nirdosha Abayagunaratne have taken time off from their jobs to visit and assist Sri Lanka.

Given their spinners’ recent dominance, the Colombo locals are certain their team will triumph tonight.

“[Dunith] Wellalage] was on fire in the last match, so we are hoping he will have another good day with the ball,” Abayagunaratne said.

Although Sri Lanka’s batting has not performed as well, their supporters remain optimistic.

“We have high expectations from Kusal Mendis,” Amarasinghe continued.

Asad Hafsa

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9:11 GMT 25 minutes ago

Sri Lanka’s romantic relationship with the Pakistan cricket team

Here’s an article on Sri Lanka’s “special connection” with the Pakistan team while we wait for developments on the toss.

When Sri Lanka defeated Australia to win its first Cricket World Cup in Pakistan’s eastern capital of Lahore, Kalana Weerasinghe fell in love with Pakistan’s cricket team. This was 27 years ago.

“Our countries have a great history of friendship and support, be it cricket or otherwise,” he remarked, referring to the long-standing ties between the two South Asian countries.

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Wearing a green Pakistan shirt is Kalana Weerasinghe.

Since 1996, when Pakistan hosted a Cricket World Cup final that Sri Lanka won in front of a partisan Pakistani audience in Lahore, Kalana Weerasinghe has been a supporter of Pakistan. By Hafsa Adil for Al Jazeera

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(09:02 GMT) 34 m

a delayed toss

Rain has caused the toss, which was scheduled for 2.30 p.m. local time, to be postponed.

The throw will happen in roughly 15 minutes if it doesn’t rain.

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(08:52 GMT) 44 m

weather report

cricket in Colombo

By Hafsa Adil for Al Jazeera

Here at the R Premadasa Stadium, it is currently raining but still hot and humid.

The umbrellas are open and the covers are on.

Not good news for Pakistani supporters.

Asad Hafsa

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8:49 GMT 47 minutes ago

Test of spin for Pakistani batters

Pakistan’s hitters had trouble with spin bowling in their most recent game against India. Kuldeep Yadav, who took five wickets, was India’s hero.

Today, Pakistan will fight off spin in yet another conflict. Spinner Dunith Wellalage of Sri Lanka has excelled during the competition. He had a strong overall effort in the most recent game against India, taking five wickets and going 42 not out.

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1 hour ago, 8:30 GMT

Wellalage, you did well!

Let’s talk more about Dunith Wellalage, who is currently popular in cricket circles on X, or what was once known as Twitter.

The 20-year-old spinner is a member of Sri Lanka’s seemingly endless line of talented spinners. In the match on Tuesday, the former captain of Sri Lanka’s under-19 squad accomplished what Pakistan’s entire bowling lineup couldn’t: His victims included Shubman Gill, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Hardik Pandya, five of India’s top seven hitters.

And there’s more. He then went on to combine with Dhananjaya de Silva for 63 runs, nearly leading Sri Lanka to victory. The young wonder scored 42 runs off of 46 balls while remaining unblemished, earning player of the match honors.

His bravery was widely discussed on social media for cricket, with former greats leading the way in their adoration.

Cricket enthusiasts around the world are in for a treat as Pakistan and Sri Lanka face off in a highly anticipated Super 4 match of the Asia Cup 2023. The stakes are high, with both teams showcasing exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament. As the cricketing world watches with bated breath, this clash promises to deliver a thrilling display of talent, strategy, and sportsmanship.

Formidable Teams, Unyielding Spirit

Both Pakistan and Sri Lanka have demonstrated their mettle in the Asia Cup 2023, delivering impressive performances in the group stage. Pakistan’s potent bowling attack, coupled with their explosive batting lineup, has struck fear into opponents. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has showcased finesse with both bat and ball, displaying a balanced team that can adapt to any situation.

Key Players to Watch

Pakistan’s star batsman Babar Azam has been a standout performer in the tournament, displaying his ability to anchor the innings and accelerate when needed. With an impeccable record in limited-overs cricket, his form will be crucial in guiding Pakistan’s batting unit.

For Sri Lanka, the explosive batting of Kusal Perera and the precision of Wanindu Hasaranga’s leg-spin bowling have been instrumental in their success. These players hold the potential to turn the tide of the match in their team’s favor.

Bowling Duels

The battle between the bowlers promises to be a spectacle in itself. Pakistan’s formidable bowling attack, led by Shaheen Afridi and Hasan Ali, has been relentless in picking wickets and restricting opponents. Sri Lanka’s pacers, coupled with the spin prowess of Wanindu Hasaranga, pose a formidable challenge for any batting lineup.

Strategies at Play

The Super 4 stage demands astute strategy and adaptability from both teams. Captains and coaches will need to carefully consider their batting orders, bowling rotations, and field placements to gain the upper hand. The toss, too, will be a crucial factor, influencing the decision to bat or bowl first based on the pitch conditions.

Fan Enthusiasm and Expectations

Cricket aficionados from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and around the world are eagerly anticipating this clash of titans. Social media platforms are abuzz with predictions, debates, and declarations of support for their respective teams. The atmosphere is electric, as fans eagerly await what promises to be a cricketing extravaganza.


The Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Super 4 match in the Asia Cup 2023 is poised to be a cricketing spectacle of the highest order. With a perfect blend of skill, talent, and determination, both teams have demonstrated their mettle in the tournament so far. As the players take the field, cricket enthusiasts across the globe will be treated to a display of high-quality cricket that is sure to be etched in their memories for years to come. Let the battle begin!

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