LIVE Roofe’s goal against Celtic was overturned by video assistant referees

In the ever-evolving world of football, the introduction of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) was expected to bring more clarity and fairness to the game. However, as the technology becomes an integral part of football officiating, it continues to generate debates and controversies. The recent decision to overturn Kemar Roofe’s goal against Celtic serves as a stark example of the ongoing VAR-related discussions and its impact on the beautiful game.

The Disallowed Goal

In a thrilling match between Rangers and Celtic, Kemar Roofe, the Jamaican striker for Rangers, thought he had given his team the lead with a spectacular long-range goal. Roofe’s shot from just inside his own half cleared the Celtic goalkeeper’s head and found the back of the net in what would have been a truly iconic moment. However, the excitement quickly turned into frustration as VAR intervened, ultimately leading to the disallowance of Roofe’s goal.

VAR’s Controversial Role

The use of VAR in football has been a topic of intense debate since its introduction. While its primary aim is to correct clear and obvious errors made by the on-field referees, its interpretations can vary from one match to another. In Roofe’s case, VAR deemed that the ball had gone out of play just before he took his shot, leading to the disallowed goal.

The human element in football, including subjective decisions by match officials, has always been part of the sport’s charm. However, VAR’s introduction was meant to reduce errors and enhance the fairness of the game. In some cases, though, it seems to have added more complexity to the decision-making process.

Impact on the Spectacle

The disallowed goal by Kemar Roofe not only impacted the outcome of the match but also altered the dynamics of the game. Rangers, who were trailing at that point, would have taken the lead and gained a significant psychological advantage. Conversely, Celtic received a lifeline and an opportunity to regroup.

Moreover, the emotional rollercoaster experienced by players, fans, and even coaches due to VAR decisions has been a point of contention. Moments of celebration are now often met with hesitation and uncertainty as everyone awaits the VAR verdict.

The Future of VAR

The ongoing debates surrounding VAR are unlikely to dissipate anytime soon. While it has undeniably corrected some glaring errors, its implementation remains inconsistent and sometimes contentious. The need for greater transparency and uniformity in decision-making is evident.


Kemar Roofe’s disallowed goal against Celtic is just one of many instances where VAR has taken center stage, overshadowing the game itself. While the technology’s potential to improve fairness in football officiating is clear, its execution has left room for improvement. As the footballing community continues to grapple with VAR-related controversies, it remains to be seen how the technology will evolve and whether it can strike the right balance between accuracy and preserving the essence of the game.

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