Love Island viewers criticize Ella for confronting Tyrique about Kady

Fans of Love Island criticized Ella Thomas for confronting Tyrique Hyde about his flirting with Kady McDermott in his presence. Since returning Ouzy See from Casa Amor, the model has been in conflict with Hyde. Hyde attempted to flirt with Kady, but Ella stormed over, labeling him “petty” and criticizing her for engaging his advances. Viewers criticized Ella for embarrassing herself, particularly after she admitted to Ouzy that she was leaning towards her ex-boyfriend.

The recent behavior of Ella on Twitter has outraged her fans. Some have criticized her decision to date Ouzy, and now Tyrique is in a relationship with someone else. Others wonder why Ella is so angry and why she decided to move on. Some fans argue that the girls’ advice is poor because Ella embarrasses herself. Others criticize her for having committed two errors and compare her to Ouzy.

Others believe Ella is embarrassing herself on national television by playing into Tyrique’s hands. Love Island viewers labeled their relationship as ‘toxic’ after Tyrique issued an ultimatum requiring her to sleep outside on Thursday’s episode.

Ella questions Tyrique’s decision to end her relationship with Ouzy, as he informed her that their time together was over. She insists on resolving the issue, but Tyrique insists that she wrap it up first thing in the morning tomorrow. Ella chooses to sleep outdoors on daybeds rather than with Ouzy’s other half.

She attempts to kiss him before leaving, but is rejected. Tyrique’s intentions to end their relationship are unambiguous, and Ella must decide whether to end it or to continue dating Ouzy.

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