Love Island viewers protest against Scott’s ex-coupling Catherine’s slam, threatening to stop watching as it’s not entertainment

Scott Van Der Sluis was defended by Love Island after Catherine Agbaje’s relationship with Elom Ahlijah-Wilson ended violently. Catherine, a commercial real estate agent, and Elom recoupled after becoming acquainted at Casa Amor. Catherine’s return from Casa Amor with Elom on her arm left Scott, age 22, devastated and single. Catherine argued that the damage was already done and denied a reunion. A large number of viewers took to Twitter to express their sorrow for Scott.

The television relationship between Catherine and Scott has been criticized for its tragic and heartbreaking nature. Some viewers have complained about Catherine’s treatment, while others have praised Scott’s efforts to ensure her success in the villa. Others have criticized Catherine’s negative attitude toward Scott, comparing it to her behavior towards Zachariah.

Some viewers have questioned why Scott is apologizing when Catherine is obviously in the wrong, while others have criticized Scott’s behavior of groveling and apologizing. Some have expressed disgust at Catherine’s treatment of Scott, while others want her to end the relationship. The situation has raised concerns regarding the relationship and the potential repercussions for both parties.

Fans of Love Island criticized Catherine’s anger over Scott’s response to her recoupling with Elom. Scott was left heartbroken and single after Catherine returned from Casa Amor carrying Elom.

Catherine chastised Scott for his response, arguing that he attempted to get to know other people during their relationship, whereas his previous defense of their relationship was centered solely on himself. Numerous viewers criticized her for yelling at Scott, accusing her of gaslighting him and humiliating herself.

A critic of Catherine’s argument stated that it demonstrates her single status. Someone else added that she must let it go because it is embarrassing. A third person questioned why she needed to apologize and mention a better connection for gaslighting the man.

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