Mason Coates dead, Commerce Candidate at UVA McIntire obituary

A 22-year-old male was sentenced to ten years in jail for first-degree assault on August 22.

Nikko Mason-Coates, of Mechanicsville, was found guilty in court on March 30 of assault, battery, and felony use of a handgun.

According to the indictment, Vincent Ryan Goedecke, then 19, was shot in the stomach on June 12, 2020, in the 23300 block of Sugar Maple Court in Wildwood. According to court documents, Godek was among those who testified. Goedecke was shot twice and has a 10cm laceration on his right wrist.

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Goedecke was recording a music video when his $120 backpack, which held $480 in merchandise, was stolen. According to the indictment, Godek then tracked down Mason Coates, who was driving a white vehicle. According to the affidavit, Godek approached the car, opened the door, and faced Mason Coates, who then brandished a revolver at Godek.

According to the police report of Corporal. Norman Goedecke Austin Schultz, Godecke’s father, said the gun used to shoot his son was in his son’s rucksack.

Mason-Coates was found not guilty of first- and second-degree attempted murder, two charges of pistol possession, and one count of theft by the jury.

Mason-Coates was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 10 years on probation for aggravated assault and 20 years in prison with 15 years on probation for felony firearm use. These sentences will run in parallel. The conviction for manslaughter has been coupled with the offense for punishment purposes. He received a 789-day jail sentence.

Mason Coates will be sentenced to five years probation after his release.

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