Meta avatars are finally getting legs (in beta)

It is now the opportune moment to conduct preliminary testing on Meta’s most profound technological breakthrough since the advent of the News Feed: ambulatory appendages. Presently accessible via Meta Quest headsets, an upgrade can be procured that endows you with the ability to ambulate upright on two limbs, emulating the bipedal mode of our ancient forebearer, the Ardipithecus ramidus. This early hominid accomplished the feat of bipedalism a staggering 4.4 million years in the past. Thus, the cycle reaches completion.

During the initial deployment of its array of virtual reality social commodities, Meta’s digital representations remained devoid of lower limbs, hovering instead as ethereal torsos. At last, the digital facsimiles of our being have the opportunity to return to a stance of standing. Presently, feedback from users suggests that this newfound lower limb presence is exclusively confined to Horizon Home, the spatial domain in which one finds oneself upon the inauguration of the headset.

While the Quest headsets extend support for the discernment of manual dexterity through hand tracking, a technological capability that allows users to employ their hands in lieu of conventional controllers, this technology fails to encompass the tracking of movements related to the lower limbs and feet. As a consequence, the endeavor of fashioning avatars endowed with legs, and thereby infusing a modicum of organic semblance, becomes appreciably more challenging.

Initial testers submit that the perception of lower limbs is limited to the third-person perspective, in stark contrast to the first-person viewpoint. This strategic decision is purportedly intended to mitigate the degree of visual dissonance encountered.

In the annals of history, it was Mark Zuckerberg who foremost proclaimed that Meta had embarked upon the development of ambulatory appendages, an announcement made in the preceding October. With any luck, this novel feature will attain operational functionality prior to the impending Meta Connect event, scheduled for the month of September.

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