Modern Warfare 3 to Include Ninja Perk, WW2’s “War” Mode, and Classic Minimap Red-Dots As per Leaks

This year’s CoD game is already in an internal alpha, and leaks are already starting to surface. It appears that Modern Warfare 3 will have a red-dot minimap, the Ninja perk, and even the CoD WW2 “War” mode.

Now that Modern Warfare 3 is in alpha testing, some significant information is starting to surface. All of this material is presently coming from two Twitter leakers: CoD_Perseus, who started with a BOCW Zombies map, and BobNetworkUK, who started leaking before the release of MW2. Both of these two appear to have reliable sources, and their information has been corroborated by one another.

Screenshot 2023 07 17 153603
Screenshot 2023 07 17 153603

Let’s go on to the leaks now.

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Red-Dots, Ninja, & War Leaks from CoD: MW3 Alpha Testing
Now that internal playtesters have had a chance to play Modern Warfare 3, some important details have surfaced. By the time you read this, the URLs below may have been DMCA’d, however at the time of writing (July 17), we have the following leaks:

In MW3, the traditional minimap is back. This implies that you will appear as a red dot on the opponent minimap when you fire an unsuppressed weapon.
The “Ninja” bonus is returning. Most players in MW2 didn’t have access to this perk, which enables you to travel incredibly stealthily around the map.
Modern Warfare 3 will include the “War” mode from Call of Duty: World War 2. In this scenario, one side must halt a tank as the other team escorts it along a linear map. At each checkpoint, the defenders get to put up a new defensive position as they continue to retreat.
All of these features would be incredibly well-liked if they were to be implemented. However, we doubt Activision will be content. While many fans would agree that Infinity Ward made mistakes with MW2, the revisions effectively imply that Sledgehammer believes that they did so. However, we all know how Activision will defend their prized possession.

We’ll keep you informed if there are any other leaks from the alpha playtest. Why not review what is already known about CoD 2024 in the interim?

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