Most recent Pokemon Unite leaks reveal Mewtwo’s moveset and ultimate

On July 21, 2023, Pokemon Unite will receive its latest Legendary Pokemon in the form of the fan-favorite Mewtwo. Mewtwo will be able to Mega Evolve into its All-Rounder Mega Mewtwo X form or its Attacker role Mega Mewtwo Y form, as opposed to evolving like the majority of other playable Unite Licenses. As a result of leakers and the Public Test Server, there is now credible information regarding Mewtwo’s moves.

Before Mewtwo went live on the Pokemon Unite PTS, the well-known Pokemon leaker ElChicoEevee published a Pastebin URL containing Mewtwo’s moves based on data from Pokemon Unite. Much of this information was confirmed when players were able to interact with Mewtwo in the public testing area.

Due to the complexity of the Pastebin file, it might not be a bad idea to examine Mewtwo’s behavior in Pokemon Unite.

What are Mega Mewtwo X’s moves in Pokemon Unite?

Since Mewtwo has no previous evolutions in the Pokemon franchise, it will appear in Pokemon Unite in its standard form and Mega Evolve into its X or Y form, depending on the Unite License chosen by the trainer. In addition, Mewtwo’s access to moves is unaffected by its choice of Mega Evolution, so you won’t need to learn too many movesets.

As previously stated, Mega Mewtwo X is the All-Rounder evolution of Mewtwo in Pokemon Unite. This makes it a formidable brute capable of dealing and absorbing a great deal of damage. Its mobility and potential damage should also make it effective in the jungle when necessary.

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