Mrs Honey Monika Laskowska leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit

The conflict between Maja Stako and the lady. Honey was one of those duels we hadn’t seen before. Both players had several disagreements, but their talks were balanced and regulated. Hopefully, their war will no longer be so calm.

Concerning the outcome of the confrontation between Maja Stako and the lady. We will reveal this on Saturday, September 17th, High League 4. This day has been set aside for the 4th Senior League gala. We’ll find out who won the duel between Maja Stako and the lady later. Beloved, this duel can be chosen at the federation’s official sponsor, Fortuna (see the Fortuna promo code).

The outcome of Maja Stako’s argument with Ms Miód is the most mysterious. For the first time, both participants fight in a cage. As a result, assessing the odds of both players is tough. Mrs. Honey’s bookmaker. However, there have been several surprises, particularly in clashes with newbies. Maja Stako and Ewa performed Wyszatycka’s “We Will Meet Honey” on Saturday evening.

A description of the battle by Maja Stako and his wife. What will this duel look like, honey? Women’s battles are frequently chaotic. This is likely to be the situation here as well. Everything will be revealed on Saturday night.

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