Natti Natasha: audio and private images of Raphy Pina’s fiancée Leaked

Natti Natasha has been involved in a scandal in Puerto Rico. According to a Puerto Rican television program called “La Comay”, the Dominican singer allegedly sent her messages and intimate photos of a man who has not yet been identified, who is obviously not her fiancé Raphy Pina.

According to the same source, these messages seemed to be addressed to his partner and father of his daughter, Vida Isabelle, rather than his partner. In ‘The Hot Table’, it is important to point out that we were unable to independently confirm whether the images or the conversation were real. However, we tried to communicate with the representatives of the urban genre, but we could not get a response, as the singer disappeared or archived her posts on Instagram.

Screenshots of a conversation released by “La Comay” show that the messages came from a person named Tasha on WhatsApp. It is appreciated that he writes “Thank you for the night, rest… good night (good night)”, while another person answers “Gn (good evening) Tasha”, and then an audio message and a photo sent are observed.

All the detailed information! After Natti Nastasha shows photos of her fiancé from a cell, he pays her with the same coin.

It is mentioned that in this discussion there appears an image of someone naked, which causes the Puerto Rican show to speculate that it might be Natti. However, this has not been confirmed, but it has drawn the attention of the interpreter, who has gained popularity after this conversation was known in which she apparently participates. Although Natasha is expected to deny these claims.

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