New Fontaine Character Teased by Genshin Impact Leak

Genshin Impact, the popular online RPG developed by HoYoverse, has been a hotbed for leaks and rumors regarding new characters. The upcoming Fontaine update has stirred excitement among players, as it is expected to introduce a host of fresh faces to the game’s roster. Among these leaks, the focus seems to be on the addition of new Fatui Harbingers and other mysterious characters. This article delves into the latest leaks and speculations surrounding the next playable character from Fontaine.

Leak 1: The Next Playable Fatui Harbinger According to a leak reported by Hindustan Times, the Fontaine update is rumored to feature a new playable character from the Fatui’s Harbingers. The Fatui, the main antagonist group in Genshin Impact, has already seen two of its Harbingers, Tartagila and Wanderer, become playable characters. Now, speculations suggest that a female member of the organization will also join the game during the Fontaine update cycle. While there are potential candidates for this role, such as Columbina, Damselette Dottore, Zandik Sandrone, and Marionette Arlecchino, the exact identity of the new playable Harbinger remains shrouded in mystery.

Leak 2: Introducing Sertice Another exciting leak has surfaced regarding an upcoming character named Sertice from Fontaine. Sportskeeda reveals that Sertice is expected to be a 4-star Pyro Sword user. However, as with most leaks, this information might be subject to change until the official release. Players have been treated to concept art, and it seems Sertice has a Pyro Vision, as indicated by the artwork. Nevertheless, fans will have to wait for more concrete details about her kit and release date.

Leak 3: Freminet, the Cryo Claymore User As Fontaine leaks continue to pour in, IMDb provides insights into Freminet, another anticipated character from the upcoming update. As per the leaks from Mero, aka merlin_impact on Twitter, Freminet is expected to be a 4-Star Cryo claymore user. He would join the ranks of Cryo claymore characters, adding diversity to the roster. Though specific details about Freminet’s appearance remain uncertain, players are eager to see how he contributes to the game’s dynamics.

Conclusion: The Fontaine update for Genshin Impact is poised to be a game-changer, introducing a wealth of new characters to enrich players’ experiences. From the tantalizing possibility of a new playable Fatui Harbinger, to the enigmatic Sertice and the Cryo claymore wielder Freminet, the leaks have ignited the community’s excitement. As we await further official announcements, fans can only speculate and anticipate the arrival of these intriguing characters in the world of Teyvat.

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