New Fontaine NPCs Teased in Genshin Impact Leak

A recent Genshin Impact leak reveals the drawings for a group of brand-new non-player characters (NPCs) called Melusines that may be discovered in Fontaine.

The designs of various non-player characters (NPCs) from the upcoming Fontaine region, which will introduce players to the non-human Melusine race, have been leaked by Genshin Impact recently. The hugely well-liked RPG from HoYoverse frequently focuses on its player characters, but it has also had a number of notable and well-known NPCs during its numerous quests. Both the game’s primary plot and its most important global quests have included prominent parts for characters like Dunyarzad, Rana, and Jeht. The gamers will now encounter a bunch of new NPCs in Fontaine, according to sources.

Although the Melusines have been hinted at in some of Genshin Impact’s early teasers for Fontaine, they are not the game’s first significant non-human NPCs. Major non-playable races have appeared in recent world quests, such as the Aranara found throughout the region’s rainforest and the Pari that live in Sumeru’s Vourukasha Oasis. In the game, the beast-like Hilichurls are among the most prevalent foes and may be found all around Teyvat. The Melusines of Fontaine are presently slated to be the game’s first non-human race.

The first in-game appearances of various Melusine NPCs within Fontaine have been disclosed via a series of photographs shared by famed Genshin Impact leaker Vississ. The Melusines have a range of colors, including pinkish, blue, and black with white markings all over their bodies. Despite the fact that many have the same animal ears on top of their heads, one photograph reveals that there are some variations among the various species of Melusine. A few Melusines also dress less ostentatiously than many of Fontaine’s previously known personalities, providing further evidence of the purported class difference inside Fontaine.

Players have been avidly speculating about new non-human characters who might be engaged in Fontaine’s story before the emergence of the Melusine. Fontaine’s several teasers have revealed robotic people roaming the streets of Fontaine City alongside the Melusines. While the majority of the machines in Genshin Impact have been the Ruin opponents that can be found all across Teyvat, Katheryne of the Adventurer’s Guild has previously been revealed to be a humanoid robot. No Melusines are now visible in Genshin Impact, which is anticipated to make its Fontaine appearance in Version 4.0.

Fontaine’s anticipated release is only one month away, and HoYoverse has given fans plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic about the impending territory. The three characters, Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet, were officially unveiled by HoYoverse with Fontaine’s premiere earlier this month. The developer has also hinted at a number of new gameplay features that will be included with the new zone, like as underwater combat and a brand-new diving technique in Fontaine. One of many exciting new playable areas coming to Genshin Impact next month will include The Melusines.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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