New Valorous Agent Deadlock introduces a game-changing exploit that allows players to shoot through any wall

The latest agent from Valorant, Deadlock, has a bug that allows players to shoot through previously impenetrable walls.

Valorant, a popular tactical shooter by Riot, is constantly evolving. With the release of the most recent episode, team deathmatch, a classic take on the 5v5 mode, was introduced to players. In addition, we received the most recent Norwegian sentinel, Deadlock. The agent is more than capable of securing areas with her nanowire, as she employs a formidable array of defensive tools.

Similar to other new agent releases, Deadlock fills a variety of non-agent-related niches. Her GravNet grenade and ultimate Annihilation enable her to effectively clear out locations, which she can then fortify with her signature Barrier Mesh ability. However, these abilities pale in comparison to her Sonic Sensor’s current state.

The Sonic Sensor emits a concussive blast when sound is detected. This can manifest as movement, gunfire, or ability usage. The most powerful aspect is not the concussive blast; however, as players have discovered, you can fire through the Sensor, allowing you to wall bang through impenetrable walls.

As brave YouTuber Kanga demonstrated, when a player places the Sensor on the ground, they are able to fire through it. It is placed on a wall with bullet holes, indicating that the wall has become permeable.

This gives the ability an entirely new level of interactivity, allowing players to fire from previously impossible angles. This is ideal for post-plant scenarios, as it allows the Deadlock player to operate entirely offsite.

There have been similar bugs in Valorant before, with many buttons on Ascent being wall-bangable. However, nothing quite as extreme as this

Riot may or may not fix this game-breaking bug soon, as developers have yet to respond to the exploit. With so many players testing out the new agent, you must be vigilant for even the most unexpected angles of attack.

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