Nicolas Bellemare dead and obituary, Equity Research Analyst at Fidelity death

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Alain Bellemare boards a Bombardier Inc. airplane manufacturing line in Mirabel, Que., to the music of Van Halen’s hard rock song “Panama.” A makeshift stage in the factory’s dark hangar.

As a heat wave reached Eastern Canada in the early afternoon, Bombardier’s CEO, wearing a microphone headset and an open-collar white shirt, joined colleagues in a ceremony to mark the official handover of Bombardier’s flagship CSeries aircraft to Airbus SE.

With purple lights twirling overhead, the slim, compact executive discusses the two firms’ historic alliance and how it allows the young C-Series to fulfill its full potential. He drank a glass of water and praised Quebec and the federal government for their contributions to the project before welcoming Airbus CEO Tom Enders onstage and gave him a sweaty hug.

“This is a very exciting time,” Mr. Bellemare said, adding that he was proud of the approximately 2,000 Bombardier employees who now work for Airbus.

“Thank you so much for everything,” he expressed gratitude to Mr Enders. “It’s all up to you now.”

Bombardier is liberated of operational obligations for the aircraft, primarily sales and production, with the handover to Airbus on July 1, after $6 billion in development expenditures nearly bankrupted the firm and drove it into debt. Bombardier is still a minority partner, earning some cash from sales and owning 34% of the project. Mr. Bellemare is ticking off another item on his to-do list to modernize one of Canada’s top industrial producers.

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