Nisa Vanzant the youngest daughter of our Beloved Iyanla Vanzant dead, whats happened?

In a somber announcement, we bear the weight of conveying the passing of Nisa Vanzant, the youngest progeny of the revered Iyanla Vanzant. During this trying time, we beseech you to keep Nisa and her family in your prayers, and to grant them the solace of privacy. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all for their understanding and support.

Iyanla Vanzant, an American motivational speaker, author, lawyer, and television personality, has been an influential figure in the realm of personal growth and empowerment. Renowned for her eponymous talk show, literary contributions, and appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she recently graced our screens as the host of “Iyanla: Fixing My Life.”

Born as Rhonda Eva Harris on September 13, 1953, in the back of a cab in Brooklyn, New York, she embraced the name Iyanla in 1983 after a spiritual awakening in the Yoruba tradition, setting her course toward priesthood. A distinguished member of Virginia Union University and Medgar Evers College, she holds a J.D. from the City University of New York School of Law and a master’s degree from Santa Monica University.

Iyanla’s remarkable journey has garnered her numerous accolades and recognitions, including being named one of Ebony Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Black Women in 2000 and securing the 7th position on Watkin’s Mind Body Spirit magazine’s list of the 100 most spiritually influential people in 2012, among other esteemed honors.

Throughout her illustrious career, she has graced the silver screen, authored impactful bibliographies, and graced the television screen with her wisdom. Notably, she has made guest appearances on various esteemed television shows.

As a devoted mother, Iyanla Vanzant has two children, the late Nisa Vanzant and her son, Damon Vanzant. She also had two ex-husbands who were part of her family’s journey.

Regrettably, the eldest daughter, Gemma Vanzant, born in 1969, faced a tragic end on Christmas Day in 2003 due to complications arising from colon cancer. Together, Iyanla and Gemma initiated the visionary Inner Vision: The Institute for Spiritual Development.

Nisa Vanzant, born in 1979, grew up alongside her younger siblings, Jimmys Van Zant and Van Zant Damon. A private individual, Nisa rarely divulges personal information. On her Instagram account @vanzant_n, followed by over 600 individuals, she has only shared four posts.

In April 26, 2019, she posted a poignant picture of purple flowers. Three years later, on May 30, 2022, she shared a photo featuring herself and a gentleman at the beach, juxtaposed against the backdrop of a church. On the same day, she also posted two images of herself donning a blue and pink floral dress, capturing her radiance at the beach.

As we grapple with the loss of Nisa, let us cherish the memories of her and find solace in our prayers. May her soul find eternal peace, and may her family find the strength to endure this difficult time.

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