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In the realm of my passions, an unwavering ardor for the sport of running courses through my veins. My aspirations soar towards a realm where I stand among the elite female runners in the collegiate arena, all while nurturing the ambition to evolve into a distinguished veterinarian. The flame propelling my journey is stoked by an insatiable appetite for competition, a spirit that has animated my involvement across a diverse spectrum of athletic disciplines. Soccer, basketball, gymnastics, cross country, and track and field have all been arenas where I’ve fervently tested my mettle.

Having traversed the landscapes of various sports, the crucible of self-discovery revealed an unequivocal yearning to carve my niche in the domains of cross country and track and field. Throughout my high school odyssey, an academic prowess, marked by a GPA consistently eclipsing 3.5 and currently standing at a lofty 4.1, has been my companion. The turning point arrived in 2017 when, as an eighth-grader, I ascended to join the ranks of the Los Alamos High School varsity cross country team, culminating in an impressive 8th-place finish in the NM State Cross Country Championship that autumn.

The tapestry of my achievements continued to unfurl as I traversed the challenging terrains of the State 4A Track and Field meet, conquering the 800m race in a commendable 2:22:39. The subsequent year witnessed a silver lining in the NM State Cross Country Championship, securing a noteworthy 2nd place, followed by an enthralling participation in the Nike Cross Regional Southwest 5000m, culminating in a time of 18:29.01. Spring of 2019 saw me gracefully navigate the 1600m race at the NM State Cross Country Championship, concluding with a time of 5:27. The ensuing fall brought the crowning glory of a 1st place finish in the NM State Cross Country Championship meet.

Amidst the adversities orchestrated by the omnipresent COVID, my resilience echoed as I undertook my inaugural 3200m race, clinching a state qualification with a time of 11:59.19. Although the annulment of the 2020 track and field season cast its shadow, my commitment persevered through training with a club cross country team during New Mexico’s curtailed fall athletic season. Despite the exigencies, I proudly etched my name on the 2020 NM 4A State Cross Country Championship title for the second consecutive year.

Beyond the realms of athletic pursuits, the tapestry of my endeavors extends to the altruistic precincts of volunteering at a local Veterinarian Clinic during the summer of 2019. Within those hallowed halls, the staff discerned not only a fervent dedication to the well-being of animals but also an innate ability to extend both physical and emotional solace to ailing, injured, or convalescing creatures. My deportment, characterized by a composed and patient demeanor, resonated harmoniously with our non-human counterparts. Enthralled by the medical facets of the veterinary profession, I immersed myself in cases, observed surgical theatrics, and posed cogent inquiries.

In the tapestry of my existence, I espouse the attributes of a well-rounded student-athlete, channeling temporal and energetic reservoirs into the realms of academic excellence and athletic prowess, all while upholding an unwavering commitment to both spheres.

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