Northeastern illinois university shooting today, Niu active shooter news

Northeastern Illinois University currently finds itself in a state of lockdown due to a potential shooting incident, as reported by the latest update from their N-Safe safety notification system. Law enforcement promptly responded to a 911 call alerting them to the sound of gunshots in the vicinity. The emergency call detailed an unverified incident occurring at 5500 N Saint Louis Ave.

In a separate report from Chicago, authorities have announced that the individual involved in a fatal hit-and-run collision that claimed the life of a cyclist in Ravenswood on Monday evening has been exonerated of any charges. The Chicago police department made this official statement.

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In a somber moment of reflection, colleagues at Northeastern Illinois University convened on Wednesday to pay their respects to the bicyclist who tragically lost his life in the Ravenswood crash on Monday night. The Department of Art and Design at the university is mourning the loss of a cherished friend and colleague, who fell victim to a bicycle accident. The deceased has been identified as Don Heggemann, a faculty member at Northeastern Illinois University.

Kim Ambriz, the director of the school’s art and design department, expressed her shock and sorrow, saying, “It’s still shocking. I feel really numb. I work with him every day. It’s a little hard not to see anyone there. We’re going to miss him.”

Colleagues extended their condolences to the Heggemann family during a gathering on the university campus. They shared that Don Heggemann transitioned into his current career over a decade ago after enrolling in a ceramics course at the university. He remained dedicated to the institution ever since, serving as an assistant within the art and design department, with his most recent role being that of an office clerk.

In the words of ceramics teacher Dubhe Carreno, “Don was an extraordinary individual. He embodied generosity, kindness, humor, and cooperation. It’s simply unfathomable that an event like this has occurred.”

The tragic incident occurred as Heggemann was riding his bicycle northward on Damen Avenue on that fateful Monday night. Just moments before the fatal collision, he was struck by a motor vehicle. John McDowell, a local resident, observed what appeared to be a car on the bike path and took immediate action by placing a warning sign.

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