Noti y paso leaked video on reddit, Who are wendy and emilio in the video

In recent hours, Ecuador has been rattled by a controversy. The circumstance is related to the fact that a video of a young couple engaging in sexual activity in the “Aerova” cable car in the city of Guayaquil was leaked online.

According to Karakol TV, the incident resulted in the termination of a number of cable car employees who were also accused of sharing intimate content on social media.

In an elevated cabin, the two had a romantic encounter. They were apparently ignorant that he had security cameras.

The police are searching for two youths whom they could accuse of inciting “acts against morality and good customs.”

In a statement, the company expressed regret for the former employee’s actions, but emphasized that the facilities were never used for sexual activities.

“The Guayaquil Air Suspension Union, operator of the Aerova transportation system, categorically rejects conduct in our facilities that violates ethics and good customs, as well as the distribution of audiovisual material for mass circulation,” they said.

“As head of system operations, I promptly activated all internal protocols and took administrative action against those involved who were no longer a part of the consortium due to the incident. This is an isolated incident that should not impact the commercial operation of this mode of transportation,” they added.

Similarly, the company emphasized that for legal purposes, the cable car is deemed a public space, which would subject the two boys to severe penalties.

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