Nvidia RTX 5000 series expected release date, specs, and more

The Nvidia RTX 5000 series will replace the current-generation RTX 40 series. According to reports, they will be based on the Blackwell architecture. The company is aiming for enormous performance gains with the new cards, and the gains are rumored to be significantly greater than those observed between the 30 and 40 series.

Nvidia has not yet disclosed exact SKUs and specifications because it is too early to have any concrete information about its future plans. We will enumerate all the reports we have encountered thus far and provide some speculations and predictions regarding the forthcoming roster.

What is the Nvidia RTX 5000 series’ release date?

Every two years, according to the company’s tendencies over the past decade, a new architecture is introduced. On the basis of this information, we can make an educated estimate that the forthcoming 5000 series GPUs will be released sometime in 2019.

Nvidia, like most companies, releases video games and hardware in the fall, just before the holiday season, in order to maximize unit sales. Every two years, its GPUs typically reach the market around September 15th. The company has released video cards during the second week of September for the past four years. This significantly reduces the launch window for the RTX 5000 series. However, none of this is confirmed; it is solely educated speculation.

A concrete leak on the precise release date and whether it will change in 2024 must wait a few more months.

What are the specs and performance improvements of the RTX 5000 series?

The RTX 40 series has taught us that it is futile to predict the precise specifications of an upcoming GPU lineup due to the fact that multiple variables will influence what gamers ultimately receive. This may include efficiency enhancements, but the company’s primary focus for the next-generation is pricing, given the backlash it received for the 40 series lineup.

As a point of reference, the current generation of Ada Lovelace processors represented a significant improvement in power efficiency. Despite this, the GPUs were deemed to be a poor investment due to their exorbitant prices. This may change next year, with either cheaper cards with minimal generation-on-generation enhancements or cards with the same price but a massive performance increase.

In March, rumors circulated that the RTX 5000 series will be twice as quick as the Lovelace series. The cards may aim for 512-bit memory bandwidths on the premier model (likely an RTX 5090) with HBM3 memory, 256 Streaming Multiprocessors, and 128 MB L3 cache.

These figures are not etched in stone and are subject to change as designs mature. Nonetheless, if these rumors are true, the PS5 and Xbox Series X could become relics of the past due to a significant advancement in graphics rendering technology.

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