Parent reveals incredible “one in 16.8 million” Pokemon Go trade with daughter

A Pokemon Go parent displayed their incredible trade with their daughter, which wasn’t even fortunate.

In Pokemon Go, trading enables players to complete their Pokedexes with exotic entries and trade evolutions. In order to trade with other users, you must be acquaintances with them by exchanging Trainer codes.

You must be within 100 meters of your trading companion, unlike standard Pokemon entries. This requirement has drawn criticism from rural players who, due to their remote location, desire to engage in global trade.

In the mobile application, acquaintances can trade with one another, but becoming Best Friends increases your chances of obtaining a Lucky Pokemon. Learn how this parent and child defied all odds with their remarkable trade by continuing to read the passage.

Parent-child Pokemon Go transactions confounded odds.
A Pokemon Go trading symbol despite the fact that players cannot exchange.
The ability to trade with peers is one of the features added to Pokemon Go in the past few years.
A Reddit user posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit their incredible trade with their daughter. The Pokemon trade produced a hundred Sableye and a hundred Totodile.

In Pokemon Go, a hundo is any species with 15 out of 15 possible points in each of the three fundamental statistics: HP, Attack, and Defense. It is comparable to a Pokemon with six “Best” IVs in the main series.

this is the page of the official post

“Holy crap you guys got a non-lucky double hundo trade?,” one player asked.


The OP responded to the trainer’s question by providing more proof. “We do a ton of trading and gotten a lot of hundos out of it, But this is a first,” they wrote.

“The odds of this are roughly one in 16.8 million,” another person revealed. “Ironically about 20x better than winning the actual lottery.”

“I didn’t even know non-lucky hundos were possible until now. What luck!,” one user added.

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