Pinkydoll linkedin video leaked onlyfans, the famed NPC cosplayer o reddit

After rising TikTok star Pinkydoll decided to work with Drake on a photo shoot, Drake confessed he became interested in women who “like to cosplay.” This summer, 27-year-old Pinkydoll rose to renown for her charming NPC-inspired characters, adding her own personal touch to the increasingly popular non-player video game characters.

Pinkydoll urges Drake in a new TikTok video to “call me,” his signature adorable robot emoji. In response to the rapper’s remarks about his “type” in an interview with popular podcaster Bobbi Althoff, the Quebec native spread rumors.

Pinkydoll, a 27-year-old TikTok user who rose to fame by posing as an NPC in real life, decided to call out Drake in the summer of 2018 after she admitted that he prefers women who are “cosplay crazy.” At the conclusion of the music video, she begs the rapper to ‘call me!’ while he appears to be on the phone.

Drake responded to a query about his “type of him” by stating, “I like people with a sense of humor. It seems similar to costuming.

Pinkydoll introduced Drake’s video with an enthusiastic NPC voice: “I was swimming on TikTok when I discovered Drake’s video. Check out this! Check out this!”

Bobby asked Drake, “What’s your type?” during the interview.

Drake, 36, replied, “I appreciate individuals with a sense of humor. I dunno, like…cosplay.” The Hotline Bling rapper elaborated: “If they’re into cosplay, I’ll probably do more with them.”Not in my case. Just generally.

Pinkydoll responds with an enthusiastic “Cosplay!” She uttered a cliché catchphrase, “Hey, yeah!” You have the ability to make me feel like a cowgirl. Are you all set? Taha!

“The ice cream is delicious!” she continues, adding her signature sucking sound after what is arguably his NPC’s most unsettling pop refrain.

She then shouted at Drake directly, “Call me!” Text me! When he answers the phone, his posture is consistent with the hypnotic mechanical style he has developed to invoke the pre-programmed body language of NPCs.

Urban Dictionary defines cosplay as “literally meaning ‘costume show.'” Dress as a fictional character (often one from science fiction, comic books, or anime).

In light of the comments, new Pinkydoll and Drake shippers are coming to grips with the rumored pairing.

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