Ppcocaine leaked onlyf videos, images trending on twitter, reddit

In late 2020, when TikTok users were urgently seeking new background music for their videos, Ppcocaine emerged as a savior. In a matter of weeks, her songs went viral on TikTok, and she garnered immense popularity.

Moreover, Ppcocaine established herself in the TikTok community as a sparkling rap artist. She previously went by the name “trapbunniebubbles” and purported to be a Rico Nasty–inspired rapper.

Ppcocaine has light complexion, so you may be curious about her ethnicity. She is of blended ethnicity, having been born to an African father and a White mother.

Ppcocaine was reared by her grandparents Cath and Kim Kliber and her father Bernard Diomi after she was born in Panorama, California. Her grandmother was a nurse and her grandfather was a DWP employee. While her father managed several Taco Bells and worked at the airport in 2020, she attended college.

Ppcocaine disclosed that her mother had multiple children with multiple fathers. This indicates that Ppcocaine has numerous step siblings.

She had four siblings; two of them, Michaela Rekla and Madison Rekla, grew up with her, while the others, William Ashlynn and Erin Escobar, did not.

Growing up, Ppcocaine’s family was not particularly supportive of her activities. In addition, she asserted that her relationship with her father was “On and Off.”

However, in pursuit of her ambitions, she began displaying her dance skills on Musically. She joined the dance team in high school and later trained in ballet, tap jazz, and hip hop.

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