Rashmika Mandanna, has joined Crunchyroll to promote anime in India

On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, Crunchyroll notified Tipblog via email conversation that Pan-India star Rashmika Mandanna has teamed with Crunchyroll, the world’s ultimate site for anime, to showcase her love for anime all across India.

Crunchyroll is the world’s largest streaming platform, with the most anime in its repertoire. Anime and manga enthusiasts in over 200 countries and territories can access events, games, consumer products, collectibles, and manga through the streaming platform. Currently, the company is working hard to broaden its audience through other translated languages.

Crunchyroll collaborates with Rashmika Mandanna in order to promote anime in India

Crunchyroll collaborates with Rashmika Mandanna in order to promote anime in India
Crunchyroll collaborates with Rashmika Mandanna in order to promote anime in India

Crunchyroll announced on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, that actor Rashmika Mandanna will collaborate with the firm to promote anime throughout India.

With this, she plans to present at various events and activations to convey her love of anime. As a result, she will introduce anime lovers in India to the range and depth of the streaming platform, as well as the type of experience it can provide.

Rashmika is a passionate anime lover that enjoys a wide range of titles in genres such as romance, action, and fantasy. She has also watched and enjoyed various classic anime series such as Naruto, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Bleach.

Rahul Purini, President of Crunchyroll, stated as part of the announcement:

“Rashmika Mandanna’s passion for anime is contagious, energizing, and impossible to ignore. We are excited to partner with her and invite millions in India to dive into the fantastical worlds, rich stories and complex characters that are beloved by her and millions around the globe as we build the ultimate home for anime in India together.”

Rashmika had this to say:

“As an avid anime fan, I am thrilled to join hands with Crunchyroll and become a part of their family. It is an incredible brand that is committed to promoting anime globally.”

She continued by expressing her delight at joining the streaming platform on their journey:

“Anime transcends the boundaries of culture, uniting everyone through the power of stories, and I cannot wait for more and more people to experience and embark on this journey with Crunchyroll as they bring the best titles in multiple Indic languages. I am excited to meet and engage with my fellow fans and explore the infinite worlds of Anime together!”

Who is Rashmika Mandanna?

Who is Rashmika Mandanna
Who is Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna is a Pan-Indian actress who first appeared on the screen in 2016. She went on to become a talented and award-winning actor, noted for her work in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil films.

She has a massive fan base across the country and was named Google’s ‘National Crush of India’ in 2020. Rashmika is adored by fans in India for her upbeat personality and fashion sense, in addition to her excellent acting and dancing abilities.

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