Real Salt Lake vs. Leon Live Score Updates: (0-0) Match delay

2 hours ago, at 10:43 PM
It might be put off even longer!
The game is set to begin at 23:10 Mexico Time, and if it doesn’t, it might be pushed back until tomorrow.

2 hours ago, at 10:42 PM

It still goes on and on!

Even though the rain has stopped, the thunderstorm is still roaring, making it impossible to resume the meeting.

2 hours ago, at 10:44 PM

It’s past midnight!

There is a rainstorm nearby, so the meeting won’t begin just yet.

2 hours ago, at 10:34 PM

Real Salt Lake XI

A. Brody, B. Verá, M. Silva, E. Eneli, D. Luna, P. Ruz, B. Ojeda, J. Savarino, D. Musovski, and C. Rango are among the authors.

2 hours ago, at 10:33 PM

XI León

I. Moreno, J. Rodrguez, L. Romero, E. Hernández, R. Cota, J. Barrero, A. Fras, W. Tesillo, A. Mena, B. Rubio, and O. Fernández.

2:30 PM two hours ago

going to court

Prior to the commencement of the game, both sides have already warmed up on the field.

2:30 PM two hours ago

Both sides have arrived at the court and are warming up before the game begins.

Real Salt Lake is already in their residence and will be seeking a challenging passage.

2 hours ago, at 10:23 PM


Leon is already in Utah, and the group will do every effort to win and advance to the next stage.

2 hours ago, at 10:18 PM

Beware of this player

Real Salt Lake’s Rubio Rubin is the player to keep an eye on because he will do all in his power to score goals and help his side play well in order to win.

2 hours ago, at 10:17 PM

Not much longer, now!

These sides are anticipated to engage in a terrific combat with less than an hour till the start of this crucial game.

2 hours ago, at 10:17 PM

Beware of this player

The striker to watch is Angel Mena, who will try to create a lot of danger in the opposition’s goal and score more goals for his team.

3 hours ago, at 9:49 PM

Zero activity

Real Salt Lake are more rested than the Emeralds because they did not play on the last day of the Leagues Cup.

3 hours ago, at 9:43 PM

to raise their heads

After a catastrophic first half of this dreadful phase for Liga MX, León will be looking to win this game. The Mexican squad will give it everything it’s got to prove its worth in Liga MX.

3 hours ago, at 9:36 PM

Back we come!

We’re back with minute-by-minute updates on the León vs. Real Salt Lake game. The most pertinent details and the confirmed lineups will be shared with you shortly.

13 hours ago, at 11:00 AM

Watch for the live stream of the León vs. Real Salt Lake matchup.

We’ll let you know the starting lineups for Leon vs. Real Salt Lake shortly, along with any other recent developments from America First Field Stadium. With the most recent live internet coverage offered by VAVEL, you won’t miss a thing about the game.

13 hours ago, at 10:55 AM

How to watch Leon vs. Real Salt Lake live online and where to do so

TUDN Channel will carry the game.

You can watch Leon vs. Real Salt Lake live on the Apple TV App.

The greatest option if you want to watch the game live online is VAVEL USA.

14 hours ago, at 10:50 AM

What time is the Leagues Cup Round of 32 game between León and Real Salt Lake?

The kickoff time for the Leon vs. Real Salt Lake game on August 3, 2023 is as follows in a number of nations:

Argentine time is 21:30

20:30 in Bolivia

Brazil: 8 p.m.

6:30 p.m. in Chile.

8:30 p.m. in Colombia.

8:30 p.m. in Ecuador.

American time: 10:30 p.m. PDT and 2:30 a.m. ET

8:30 p.m. in Mexico.

22:30 in Paraguay

8:30 p.m. in Peru.

Argentina: 10:30 p.m. Both PT and 11:30 p.m. ET

8:30 p.m. in Venezuela.

10:30 p.m. in Japan.

6:30 a.m. in India.

Sudan: 2:30 a.m.

African time zone: 3:30 a.m.

10:30 a.m. in Australia.

United Kingdom Eastern Time: 02:30

14 hours ago, at 10:45 AM

Statements by Leon

In his remarks prior to the game, Nicolas Larcamon said, “In the case of Diente, I love him, he is a spectacular player, hopefully he can be, he is among the names, he is not the only one, it is not easy that he can be the player that arrives, because there are several issues with the club that need to be resolved.

“The intention is to go for that reinforcement, that before Victor we were already looking for him, now much more, but we must be smart, we want to attack with enough time for adaptation, that he comes to be an important piece,” the idea is not to stick with those we already have.

14 hours ago, at 10:40 AM

The latest lineup for Real Salt Lake

Beavers, Oviedo, Vera, Glad, Hidalgo, Luna, Ruiz, Ojeda, and Savarino, as well as Rubin and Chicho

14 hours ago, at 10:35 AM

final lineup for Leon

Cota, Barreiro, Adonis Frias, Tesillo, Moreno, Romero, and Rodriguez; Mena, Rubio, and Fernandez

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