Recent Data Shows Declining App Downloads in the US App Store

A disquieting phenomenon is currently unfolding within the confines of the American App Store, exerting its influence on both major corporations and fledgling enterprises alike. It is a disconcerting spectacle where numerous applications find themselves facing a decline in downloads, despite an overarching surge in the App Store’s revenue. This intriguing revelation, furnished by the discerning minds at Appfigures, hints at a landscape where even the titans of the app world are gradually ceding ground in the face of burgeoning competition, thereby causing an overall diminishment in the installation of apps.

It is crucial to emphasize that this development, while notable, does not yet possess the magnitude necessary to topple the dominion of the behemoth applications. Take, for instance, the unassailable presence of Facebook, perennially occupying the echelons of the most frequently downloaded apps every passing month. Nevertheless, the deceleration in the pace of growth does cast its discernible shadow over the app ecosystem, an impact that can scarcely be ignored.

The scope of this analysis is confined exclusively to the American App Store, and its assessment is anchored in the bedrock of Appfigures’ Mobile Market Index. This meticulous index meticulously charts the trajectories of downloads and revenues garnered by the upper echelons of the app hierarchy across categories and countries. This comprehensive analysis is then juxtaposed against the benchmark date of January 1, 2018, yielding an illuminating metric that unfurls the evolutionary path of apps over time.

In the preceding year, the Mobile Download Index, which meticulously logs app installations, stood at an index value of 91.87. This figure signifies that, in comparison to the data from 2018, downloads had undergone a discernible dip, albeit a marginal one. However, as the sands of time have flowed inexorably onward, arriving at the cusp of August 31, 2023, the Index has plummeted to a disconcerting 83.59. This precipitous descent constitutes a stark decline of 8.28 points, amounting to a disquieting 9% reduction from its initial perch—a glaring indicator of a burgeoning adversity.

The trajectory of the Download Index, we note, has been on a downward trajectory over the past year, with only a brief resurgence in December 2022—a month traditionally celebrated for an influx of new app installations, courtesy of holiday merriments and the luxury of extended leisure time. However, these fleeting gains were ephemerally eclipsed by April, when the Index experienced a precipitous plummet, sinking to as low as 64.50 points, as the data unambiguously underscores.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to underscore that not all categories find themselves ensnared in the quagmire of dwindling installations. Appfigures has elucidated that domains such as sports streaming apps, which have unfurled their presence over the preceding years, continue to bask in the glow of expansion. Medical apps, too, have witnessed a burgeoning ascent in popularity, while business applications retain their perennial allure. Education, shopping, travel, and productivity apps, as it stands presently, have successfully steered clear of the pernicious tide of decline.

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