Release date for GTA 6 is reportedly set for 2024, with an announcement trailer expected during the 2023 Game Awards.

The highly anticipated announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is reportedly just around the corner. According to leaks and rumors from reputable insiders, Rockstar Games, the renowned American gaming studio, is said to be gearing up for a major reveal during the Game Awards 2023 event later this year.

Insider Leak Sparks Excitement: The buzz surrounding GTA 6 escalated after a prominent insider named Budz, known for covering everything related to Rockstar Games, shared a series of tweets on July 13, 2023, disclosing the studio’s plans. According to Budz, Rockstar Games is preparing to unveil two of its projects during the Game Awards 2023, and one of them is the highly anticipated GTA 6. The gaming community is eagerly anticipating this potential momentous occasion as Rockstar Games rarely relies on external events for major announcements.

Expected Release Date and Trailer: While the official confirmation from Rockstar Games is yet to come, the insider hinted that the GTA 6 announcement trailer could be revealed either in November or December 2023. Furthermore, the leak suggests that the release date for GTA 6 is set for 2024. However, as with any leak or rumor, it is crucial to approach the information with cautious optimism until officially confirmed.

Speculations on GTA 6’s Features and Price: GTA 6’s development has been shrouded in secrecy, leaving fans to eagerly speculate about the game’s features and price. It is rumored that the game could be one of the most ambitious and expensive video game projects ever undertaken by Rockstar Games. With the studio reportedly investing billions of dollars in the development, it’s understandable that the price for the game might reflect this. Some speculations point to a possible price point of around $150, but fans are advised to await official information from Rockstar Games.

Official Statement and Community’s Reaction: Following the viral spread of leaked GTA 6 footage on the internet in 2022, Rockstar Games issued its last official statement regarding the game. Since then, multiple leaks and rumors have surfaced, leaving fans eagerly waiting for an official announcement to confirm or debunk the speculations.

As the anticipation builds, fans worldwide are expressing their excitement and discussing their expectations for GTA 6’s potential features and storyline. The GTA community is eager to see what Rockstar Games has in store for them, and the potential unveiling during the Game Awards 2023 has heightened their enthusiasm.

Closing Thoughts: As the gaming world eagerly awaits official confirmation from Rockstar Games, the potential announcement of GTA 6 during the Game Awards 2023 has sparked enthusiasm among fans. If the leaks hold true, gamers can expect to catch a glimpse of the much-anticipated game later this year, with its full release scheduled for 2024. Until then, fans are encouraged to follow official news outlets for any confirmed information from Rockstar Games.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information provided in this article is based on leaks and rumors and has not been officially confirmed by Rockstar Games. It is essential to await official announcements for accurate and confirmed details regarding GTA 6.

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