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The OnlyFans model was forbidden from GoFundMe for selling nude photos to benefit Maui wildfire relief, but she continues to raise a substantial amount of money…all in an effort to showcase her talents on a different platform.

Mariah Casillas, also known as Lavagrll on social media, joined us on TMZ Live on Monday to discuss the difficulties she’s had raising funds on GoFundMe.

The model claimed to have raised as much as $7,800 in donations on the GoFundMe platform, sending a nude photo for every $10 donated, before the platform terminated the fundraiser.

According to her explanation, the nude photographs were never uploaded to GoFundMe…However, that did not prevent the crowdfunding giant from shutting it down for violating the “prohibited conduct” provision of the site’s terms of service.

All of the money she raised on GoFundMe was refunded, which was unfortunate for the displaced residents of Maui…She then gave the naked fundraiser to OnlyF and began again.

It was worthwhile…She informed us that she has already raised $10,000 for the residents of Maui who lost everything in the devastating fire.

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